fake hand sanitizers
Image Source: ARY

Hand sanitizers and surgical masks are essential given the spread of coronavirus. Since it is included in SOPs, all those who have understood the danger of COVID are buying up these resources. But when there is a demand, frauds jump into the market. One such fraudster was found selling fake hand sanitizers.

India Faces The Full Extent Of Coronavirus Pandemic

The situation of India has gone from bad to worse due to the pandemic. More and more people are getting tested positive. The hospitals are not equipped to handling this amount of patients rolling in. The ventilators are not available, and the oxygen for the ventilators is down to zero. Amidst all this, one would hope that the people around you would show humanity. But this man in Vadodra, India, is only thinking of profiting from these events. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is contributing towards worsening of this situation.

Indian Man Sells Fake Hand Sanitizers

This man produced hand sanitizers using methanol instead of ethanol just because methanol was easily available and cheaper. Methanol is a dangerous chemical, and yet, the Indian man had already made PKR 200 Million (INR 100 Million) from selling the fake hand sanitizers. The process had been ongoing for the past ten months. The hand sanitizers were produced by AK Industries, Nitin Kotwani, which they would sell under different brand names.

The arrest comes thanks to a tip-off to the Pollution Control Board. The Board conducted a raid and seized 8,025 liters of the hand sanitizer. The sanitizer containers amount up to 14,741 in varying sizes (50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, and 5 liters packaging. In total, these goods would have sold for 45.47 lac.

The police are now investigating all the stores, Kotwani was supplying his products to.

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