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Day in and day out women in Pakistan suffer harassment be it sexual, physical, or verbal. This woman has shared a new incident on her Twitter account, calling attention to the incident which happened with her friend. It is particularly disturbing and upsetting because neither the clothing can be debated on nor the location: it confirms that the issue is the mindset alone.

What Happened?

A woman and her friend were standing within the area of Mall One, Lahore. Mall One has become like an elite food street where eateries are studded across the small street and it’s always exceptionally rushy. Lahoris can see Gauchos at the back— they can tell that this woman is in the heart of a so-called elite place amongst so-called educated people. 

The friend with whom this incident happened was just using her phone. If anyone ever wanted to raise a question on her clothing, they couldn’t because she is fully dressed. Two men in a car come close to her and insistently keep asking “hello, apka naam kya hai?” Then they ask her, “apko ghar chhor dein?”. The guy in question has the most disgusting smile on his face, even unapologetic and fearless while he’s being recorded.

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What’s Wrong Here?

It is beyond revolting and also scary how a man can feel confident asking such a sexually laden question to a stranger woman. It shows they have no sense of punishment or consequences in their mind. Moreover, it also shows how they perceive women they find in public spaces: women who are available for them to ‘drop back home’. 

What is even more upsetting is how the friend being harassed had to quietly take it. She is seen continuing to use her phone. What could she have done? Women feel more comfortable sharing their complaints on social media, safe behind a screen rather than in person. This is because even the authorities have become a frightening place for them, for us.

The Issue In The Replies

Though many women and men came in support of this woman and her friend, there were too many problematic statements also. They reflect how we have a role to play in all the terrible sexual harassment cases that happen in our society. Have a look here:

The good news is that the Lahore police reached out. Let’s see and hope that these disgusting men are punished.

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