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When people ask why women march when this country gives them so many rights, events like yesterday happen. Events like yesterday that tell you why women are scared of existing in the public sphere. And yes, not all men may be criminals. Several of them indeed helped the women out by saving them from that one man. However, the confidence that one man had in harassing women would affect all their future interactions with other men. So that is why women march on the streets!

The incident: harassing women

On Tuesday, a man was caught because he was harassing women while wearing a burqa but no pants! He started roaming around the Liaquatabad market in Karachi and would intentionally brush against women. Some women complained, and the shopkeepers took notice immediately. They caught the man and beat him up. The police came right after to arrest him.

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During the investigation, they found that the suspect resides in the Garden area and he left his house fully dressed. He did take his wife’s burqa with him. And upon reaching the Liaquatabad market, he took off his pants and left it in the front seat of his car. He then wore the burqa and went into the crowded market.

Analyzing the Crime

The attention to detail shows that this was a pre-planned crime. He went to the market with the idea that he is superior to women, and hence, he can harass them openly in the market. And the fact that he wore the burqa also shows that he knows it’s a crime; what he intends to do is wrong, and just to evade being recognized, he hid his face.

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Now yes, authorities have relayed a back story humanizing his side, and some publications will cover the man’s news with that aspect as well, but should we do that? Regardless of what was happening in his personal life, he made the wrong choice, and he should be held accountable for it. Because if someone is having a problem in their marital life, they should have the stamina to deal with it in-house. Let’s say they are the victims, then I say, get out of that relationship.

What do you think?

In no scenario does your personal issues give you the right to make anyone feel insecure about being in the public sphere.

So it does not matter if he has a wife, two kids, and a job as a salesman in a private company, a criminal, is a criminal. His wife doesn’t get physical with him is a possible argument in a divorce case but not in a harassment case.

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