University of Peshawar
Image Source: ARY News

A man was caught in the University Of Peshawar on the charges of harassment. The orders were placed when a video of him inappropriately touching himself went viral. He was seen doing that in front of the girls. Harassed girls took it to social media, and people started openly bashing the university for allowing the man to roam on the campus freely.

Details about the incident

Coming under fire, the university had to take immediate action against the man in the video. According to ARY News, the campus police took him into custody. When the incident was investigated in a little detail, a witness came forward on social media. According to that person, the accused first tried to touch the girls. But no one took any action for some time, and the perpetrator continued to roam around the PUTA hall at the university.

Law enforcement also got active, possibly due to the recent motorway incident, considering the entire country woke up speaking about it. They had to be more vigilant if they wanted to avoid that kind of spotlight. And so Peshawer police arrested the accused Inam on Tuesday morning.

University of Peshawar
Image Source: Parhlo

The Harassment Bill

It was just last month when the Senate approved the bill regarding harassment at the educational institutes. It was called the ‘Protection against Harassment of Students in Educational Institutions Bill, 2020′ and was presented by Senator Javed Abbasi. The bill regularized the students’ right to feel safe and secure at their educational institutes.

Now, as women, these cases are not new but always traumatizing. We have, at some point in our lives, seen men jerking off in public, in traffic jams, on roadsides as they stared at us. We would get so scared that we couldn’t even utter a word. Because if someone has the guts to harass us this way in the open public, he could do anything, right? And hence, we would stay quiet.

University of Peshawar
Image Source: ARY News

Time to Speak up

But enough is enough. We have the right to feel secure. And we have the right to raise our voices. Thankfully, the one posting the video realized it. Although we should also acknowledge people resharing the video, ensuring it went viral.

We should remember, though, that it does not stop at the accused being arrested. We have to ensure that we do not stay quiet. And we have to ensure that all the parties, including the University Of Peshawar, involved seeing that the man gets punished appropriately.

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