Makeup Artist Exposes Pakistani Actress Who Mistreated Him
Image Source: Instagram

Another day, another story from the Pakistani media industry! It’s nothing new when we hear a story of celebrities being rude or arrogant to the people around them. Sometimes it’s their fans, sometimes their management team, and sometimes the crew on set. This time a video on Instagram has made its way to the public eye. A makeup artist uploaded a video where he talked about the incident when he got kicked off of the set and that project because the actress did not want him there. Watch the video first, here you go.

Noman Khan is a known makeup artist who has worked with many famous faces in the industry. He came out with this video where he talked about how he invested his time and energy in a particular celebrity but instead of them being grateful, they took away his daily bread. However, he has kept the celebrity’s identity secret as his main purpose was to get his message across and not send hate towards anyone. He talks about how this experience really hurt him since it was so disrespectful and unexpected from the actress.

He even said that he acted as the bigger person and went up to the actress to ask and sort out any difference he may have had from his but instead of being nice she got all hyper and started yelling at him.

He said that the celebrity even changed her dates so she wouldn’t have to see her. She even blackmailed the production that it was either her or him who was going to stay a part of the project. Noman eventually left the project himself since just 2 days of the shoot were left anyways.

He then continued to talk about “actor power” and how celebrities should not cry about having no power when in reality they have all the power and influence in the world. So much so that, they can easily take away someone’s daily bread as someone did with him. He also exposed actors in general by saying that some actors don’t even respect the directors of the project.

Lastly, he spoke about how people bash the Pakistani industry for not growing but in order for it to grow people within the industry have to start respecting each other. He taunted that if things continue like this the industry can never grow.

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