make doctors not psychos

Getting into medical college is an extreme sport of its own. The hard work, the anxiety, plus the expectation paired with the fear of disappointing your parents/teachers/yourself.

The pressure of meeting parents’ expectations (which begin and end with them wanting their child to be a doctor, more often than not) can be so intense that a number of children are driven to the point of suicide.

According to a World Population Review report, for example, students in South Korea have higher-than-average suicide rates, at least in part because their families tend to put high levels of pressure on them to succeed academically. When they do not achieve the goals that their parents have set for them, they may feel that they have dishonored their families and commit suicide.

Anyway, back to Pakistan.

#MakeDoctorsNotPsychos is one of the top Twitter trends in Pakistan today.

Apparently, there has been a change in the medical admission policy by PMDC pakistan and Lahore High Court. AFTER the admission tests were conducted, and the number of seats has been 3,000 for years while the number of applicants continues to rise.

Due to this, even students with an aggregate score of 89-91% are unable to obtain a seat.

Plus, most universities have closed admissions while the UHS hasn’t even put up their merit list yet.

Social media is in protest of the new policy because, according to them, the new policy will only make the torture worse for medical college applicants.

However, some people think it is not so much the institutions’ fault as it is the fault of the parents who raise their children with the mentality that being a doctor is the only real career they can opt for.

Moreover, the lack of career counselling at schools also plays a huge tole in depriving children of the knowledge of various other career options.

As a result, everyone wants to/is forced to be a doctor.

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