Maira Rana
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Maira Rana has spoken up about the allegations made against her. The teacher at the institute whose harassment cases blew up had a lot to say in her defense. 

How Did Maira Rana Get Involve?

Maira Rana was a senior administrator at LGS 1-A1, where students started speaking up about their experiences. Girls had been subjected to harassment and sexual misconduct by several of their male teachers. Maira Rana’s name got tarred with the same brush when one of those students mentioned her alleged role to play in it.

It was alleged that she not only silenced the students who confided in her but also started targeting them. Misuse of power was a charge that was made against her. There were several reports of her also focusing the student who was rumored to have been involved with her husband, Omair Rana.

Maira Rana’s Response

Mrs. Rana has always been a very vocal advocate for feminism on Facebook. Her advocacy was called into question when the movement began. The teacher recently enjoyed a great deal of attention when her love story with Mr. Rana blew up on social media. Following that, she wrote a long, passionate post about Aurat March for which she was applauded.

However, following all such allegations, nothing but the silence was given by the couple. Now, they both have finally found the words to counter the claims. It’s interesting to note how similar both of their responses are. They applaud those who came forth and are trying to change the landscape of harassment of students in Pakistan. Then they proceed to deny all such allegations made against them. This is what she said:

They hint at them initiating a legal procedure to seek justice. Since both of them are so well-to-do, of course, they can afford legal remedies. Food for thought is: will this not turn into another case where money will provide legal justice that may not be justice after all? What happens if the students they seek a case against don’t have the financial strength for a legal battle?

Maira rana and husband. Omair Rana
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The People In Her Corner

Mrs. Rana has a fair share of people in her corner. Her colleagues, her friends, her family members (among others). They are all supporting her and sending prayers and love her way. “May justice prevail” is what they say, but when has justice prevailed in Pakistan in harassment cases? People are testifying to her kind and sweet personality in the comments section.

However, some have the courage to point out several loopholes in her apology. Until now, it is unclear how this matter will proceed, but we’re hoping the truth comes to light.

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