Pakistani cinema’s beloved star, Mahira Khan, recently embarked on a new journey as she exchanged vows with her long-time beau, business tycoon Salim Karim.

Their romantic destination wedding, held at PC Bhurban, unfolded as an intimate daytime affair, attended by an estimated 200-plus guests, marking the culmination of a six-day celebration.

The couple’s special day was nothing short of a fairy tale, with Mahira Khan radiating sheer elegance in a pastel blue dress, adorned with a long veil that flowed gracefully, complemented by exquisite diamond jewellery.

As she walked down the aisle, her groom, Salim Karim, dressed in a dashing black sherwani and a blue turban, gently kissed her forehead, evoking heartfelt applause from the guests.

This union of two hearts also sent ripples across the border, making headlines India in appreciation of Mahira Khan’s Bollywood debut in the film “Raees” alongside the legendary Shah Rukh Khan.

The 2017 release garnered immense love and admiration in India before the ban that restricted Pakistani actors from performing in Indian cinema.

Recently, Rahul Dholakia, the director of “Raees,” voiced his thoughts on the need for closer collaboration between the entertainment industries of neighbouring countries.

He expressed, “Now that Pakistani cricketers have officially graced our shores, can we also extend a warm invitation to Pakistani actors to enrich our films or musicians to captivate our audiences with their melodies?”

In the past, during the period of the ban, Dholakia had shared his sentiments on social media, stating, “Somewhere I feel we have wronged her. Our people forgot that she is an artist, not an enemy! We took away her right as an actor! Unfair.”

The decision to ban Pakistani artists altogether was taken back in 2019 where India issued a “strict no” to Pakistan for any sort of trade or bilateral relations. “In relation to Pakistani government banning Indian movies in Pakistan AICWA (All Indian Cine Workers Association) urges all the film industries to put a complete stop to any association with Pakistani artists, musicians, and diplomats,” the statement had read in response to Pakistan’s own ban on Indian films.

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