Who doesn’t want to dance on the mehndi of their friend … we all do! However, the equation changes when the person shaking the leg is a superstar with Pakistani and Indian hits to her name!

We are talking about our very own superstar Mahira Khan!

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Celebrities are no different from the rest of us, especially when it comes to a desi wedding. Dancing on pure desi songs along with your mates is mandatory.

The enchanting diva was recently spotted at a friend’s mehndi and not only that her presence was enough to light up the occasion, her sizzling dance also set the whole event on fire!

Watch the video below!

#Mahirakhan shows her dance moves and heates up the floor at a recent wedding .

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Mahira showed some zalima moves while dancing on “Kali Teri Choti Hai, Paranda Tera Lal Ni” and and we can’t handle the awesomeness this video has!

Dressed up so elegantly and showing the best of her moves, Mahira’s performance literally makes us want to dance along. The guests at the mehndi must have had a great time, for sure!

Mahira Khan is a true performer and always steals the show with her outstanding yet elegant performances. She has proved that she is not only a pro in acting but in dancing as well and we just can’t simply stop adoring her!


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Recently at LSA 18, Mahira caught everyone’s attention when she danced on “Zalima” along with Ahsan Khan and set the stage on fire!

Mahira is our superstar and her presence alone is enough to catch everyone’s attention; her performances like these sure brighten up the event even more!

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Contributed by: Kayenat Kalam