We never really know what this actress is up to. Sometimes we’re surprised by a film with Shahrukh Khan, other times it’s a wedding no one anticipated. Needless to say, Mahira Khan is one of the most talented women in the industry. As an actress, she made her way to Bollywood by starring in Raees (2017). Before that, Mahira’s portfolio included some incredible pieces such as Humsafar (2011-2012) and Neeyat (2011).

Pakistan’s beloved filmstar Mahira Khan, transforms herself into Billo Baaji for the day. After being there for her new project, Pakistan’s first ever Netflix series: Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo. Mahira seems to be enjoying the culture and scenery of Bhawalpu. She recently took an anonymous visit to their markets. After covering herself in a niqab, and blending in by commuting on an auto-rickshaw, we see Mahira try her level best to act undercover.

Turns out she can’t. Known and loved for her style, and humble personality, Mahira’s unique aura and grace wouldn’t go unnoticed. Her trip was accompanied by some friends and her makeup artist, Babar Zaheer, who shared clips of Mahira’s off-screen adventure.

Though the post is captioned, “Bhawalpur market visit with our Billo Baji, #BilloBaji&gang”
We can easily tell by a certain person’s eyes who they are.

Have a look:

In the post shared, we can see Mahira adorned in a garland made of money and fancy gold paper. Then, we spot her buying some bangals and enjoying her time with her friends to the hit song, Billo Rani. We’re wondering what the menu of this adventure was.

Mahira Khan ‘s Visit to Bhawalpur Market Goes Viral

After Babar Zaheer shared these moments online, Bahawalpur fans flooded the comment section with compliments and advice on how they should have navigated the market.

Netizens react to Mahira khan going undercover

mahira khans visits reaction

Some are even expressing their regret for not being able to run into her! Most of all, everyone can’t seem to understand how no one could tell it was her.

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