Actress and celebrity Mahira Khan, who is also the Brand Ambassador for ‘Veet’, mentored young women at an exclusive Veet dinner, which was awarded to winners of a countrywide competition, held early in 2018.

The aim of the competition was to provide a learning opportunity and mentorship with one of Pakistan’s best talents, Mahira.

Mahira has served as an inspiration for scores of young women due to her oozing charm,
confidence, and wit. She has bagged numerous accolades under her name and has been vocal about multiple social issues including those of women’s rights. At the dinner, Mahira revealed the secrets of her success which are embedded in five core values; confidence, charm, intelligence, good communication skills and a healthy lifestyle.

These are also the values incorporated at the Veet Academy which provides a platform to young women, through a learning module system, and has impacted the lives of over 1 million women countrywide.

While talking to the media, she said:

“We [the society] have confined beauty in a box – skin, color, height, looks – but beauty is much deeper than that. I believe that the women in Pakistan are capable of achieving so much more but are held back from doing so due to these outdated stereotypes. Veet Academy has provided a wonderful platform to reach out to millions of girls with this message that you can conquer your fears and turn your dreams into realities irrespective of who you are or where you come from. I am honored to be their coach in this journey.”

Chief Executive of Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Pakistan, (the maker of Veet), Fahad Ashraf said,

“Veet Academy was introduced in 2017 with the objective that the narrative around perceived standards of beauty needs to change. As a company, we regard it our fundamental responsibility to bring healthier and happier changes in the lives of our customers. It is our ambition to transform the lives of millions of people within our strategic focus areas. Women in Pakistan are incredibly talented but at times stand without direction, guidance and opportunity to better their skills and potential. Through Veet Academy, we aim to support women to maximize their potential.”

The night’s event concluded with the unveiling of Veet’s upcoming campaign “#Unpose” which celebrates the power of being spontaneous, adventurous and natural enough to reveal one’s true self.

The campaign also includes an exciting competition, the winner of which will get a
chance to be one of 12 contestants ready to win their way in the next season of Miss Veet