Mahira Khan: A Decade In The Showbiz Industry
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On the 24th of June, Mahira Khan celebrated her 10th anniversary in the showbiz industry. Her first film Bol and drama Neeyat both starred on the same date ten years ago, and ever since then, there was no going back for her.

In a decade, Mahira has profoundly affected the media, and her work made her shine like a star in the industry(like literally). First, however, Mahira acquired massive fame through her work in the drama Humsafar, which was a turning point in her career.

Not just that, she also managed to work with Shahrukh Khan across the borders, and she captured the eyes of everyone with her silver screen appearance. However, the actress still has a long way to go, and with her latest Tv show in the works, the audience cant wait anymore.

Mahira Khan
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Mahira’s Latest Post On Instagram 

Yesterday Mahira took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt letter for her fans and audiences and thanked everyone for the immense support over the years. As she wrote,

“So, I completed ten years in this industry as an actor two days back. My film Bol and my drama serial Neeyat were released on the same day on the 24th of June 2011.
I bow my head in gratitude to all of you.. for this magical journey I’ve had and continue to have. There have been many ups and downs. There have been moments of feeling broken and alone and moments of feeling elated. But my fans have been there rock-solid behind me—my constant. I am so grateful for the love. I promise to work harder; I promise to give back. I promise that your love won’t go in vain. Ameen.

So much love. Always.

Mahira Khan 

Mahira is known as one of the most humble celebrities in the industry, so it is not a surprise that she considers her fans to be behind her success. Her submissive and down-to-earth personality has helped her gain the utmost respect in the industry and the public’s hearts.

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