maheen ghani fahad mustafa
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Maheen Ghani has called out Fahad Mustafa for his double standards and this might get heated…

Fahad Mustafa’s Concern for Women

Fahad Mustafa put up a tweet calling for the respect of women. His tweet was in response to the mega trolling that was directed towards Hania Aamir recently. His message essentially asks people to live (while minding their own business) and let live! He does make a strong point though:

Why Maheen Ghani Doesn’t Buy It

However, Maheen Ghani neither buys it nor is willing to stay quiet. Fahad Mustafa produced a drama called ‘Dunk’ which he said was a tribute to ‘victims of false allegations of sexual harassment.

maheen ghani fahad mustafa
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Before we delve into why this show and Fahad Mustafa’s solidarity tweet do not coincide, here’s what Maheen Ghani said:

The tweet was followed by people affirming Ghani’s point. However, one woman also raised this point to which Ghani responded with facts again.

An Ally For Show

Dunk is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Bringing Noman Ijaz as the protagonist who is falsely accused and suffers is also funny considering his lewd remarks on sexualising women on Iffat Omar’s show.

Moreover, paying a tribute to ‘false allegations’ blows false allegations out of proportion. Yes, it has happened and it is wrong. However, less than 1% of allegations are false. Has Fahad Mustafa done anything for the other 99%?

Making said shows makes the already suspicious-against-women’s-claims awaam of Pakistan more reasons to disbelieve women. Plus, making this show while knowing that actual teachers have been proven to be harassers and have ruined 100s of lives is insensitive.

maheen ghani fahad mustafa
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Jeeto Pakistan for Women

Mustafa is also not a beacon of a feminist ally on his show. We can bet that anyone who critically watches his shows knows what we are talking about.

His attitude and behaviour towards women have been noted by netizens on Twitter too. Fat-shaming women, making jokes about women which they can not comprehend, taking digs at their hobbies etc. is all normal for him.

Where does #respectforwomen go when he calls them ‘moti tazi auntian’?

What is even sadder is how none of these women has ever shown their distaste for these remarks. They are excited at the prospect of winning something and while our desi Ellen might be giving stuff away, the least he can do is be nice about it.

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