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Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry has taken a significant step forward by introducing a fleet of smart robots in Medina. These robots, aimed at assisting pilgrims around the Prophet Mohammad’s Mosque, mark another milestone in the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 plan.

Multilingual Capabilities for Enhanced Accessibility

Developed by Ab Robots, these sophisticated machines deliver educational messages and directions to Medina visitors. They can communicate in 11 languages, enhancing service accessibility for the diverse group of pilgrims. This multilingual capability underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to accommodating international visitors.

Madinah Health launches smart robot service in central area near Prophet's mosque
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The robots aren’t limited to Medina. They also operate in key locations like Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Haramain Train Station, and several important mosques, including Quba, Khandaq, Sayyid Al-Shuhada, and Miqat Dhul-Hulaifah. This broad deployment ensures consistent, high-quality assistance for pilgrims at various touchpoints.

AI Integration in Religious Services

These health robots are part of a broader strategy to integrate AI and robotics into Saudi services. In Mecca, similar robots assist pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah, providing guidance and information in multiple languages at the Grand Mosque. This initiative enhances the pilgrimage experience and shows AI’s practical applications in managing large-scale events.

Saudi Arabia has also introduced its first humanoid robots, Sara and Mohammad, developed by QSS AI & Robots. These robots reflect Saudi cultural values while showcasing advanced AI capabilities. Sara can speak Arabic and perform traditional dances, blending technological innovation with cultural heritage.

Driving Vision 2030 through AI and Robotics

Saudi Arabia’s focus on AI and robotics is driven by Vision 2030 goals, aiming to diversify the economy and reduce oil dependence. By investing in cutting-edge technology and fostering strategic partnerships, Saudi Arabia positions itself as a leader in the AI sector. The latest Stanford University International AI Index for 2024 ranks Saudi Arabia among the top nations for its national AI strategy, highlighting the effectiveness of its forward-looking policies.

Smart Robot Service in Madinah Will Assist Pilgrims
Source: Arab News

The introduction of health robots in Medina demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s dedication to enhancing the pilgrimage experience through technology. As the Kingdom continues to innovate and invest in AI, it is set to transform its economy and improve the lives of millions of pilgrims visiting its holy sites each year.

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