Syeda Madiha Imam is a Pakistani television actress and host, known for her roles in Heer and Dhaani. This 33-year-old actress got married to Moji Bassar, producer and writer, last year. Since then, Madiha has faced severe criticism regarding his race, ethnicity, and religion.

Madiha Imam Responds To Hate

A couple of days ago, Madiha Imam got fed up with all the accusations and comments. She finally spoke out against them and addressed pretty much everything. She replied to a question wondering how she married a Hindu, given she is a Syed woman.

Madiha Imam responds to hate

To this, she urged all to calm down. Madiha stated, ” I have mentioned it a million times… he is not Hindu, we had our nikkah ceremony. Now everyone please calm down.”

Madiha maintained, “And stop saying anything mean to someone based on their race, color, or country, please!”

It is unfortunate to see that the comments reached a point where Madiha had to say something. It can’t be easy hearing derailing opinions about your spouse every day, just because you two don’t share the same ethnicity.

The comments under any post shared by the two are bound to have mentioned the husband is Indian. Netizens have a mix of opinions about the couple. While some are in support of the union, given how horrible Pakistanis can be, others are angered knowing she is a Syed married outside her caste.

Unfortunately in Pakistan, marriages often invite a lot of comments, especially when the spouse is of a different ethnicity. People can’t help but voice their opinions on cultural differences, family expectations, and societal norms. Such a reaction shows our society’s diverse yet sometimes rigid views on intercultural unions. Instead of supporting these unions, they are heavily discouraged.

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