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Luxury brands Dior and Armani have come under fire after a revealing investigation by Business Insider. The report highlighted the shocking disparity between the production costs and retail prices of their high-end handbags. A suspected investigation revealed that the retail price of these Dior bags and the actual cost of production are miles apart.

Shocking Truth About Dior Bags Revealed

The investigation in Italy showed that Dior’s handbags, which sell for a staggering $2,780, only cost about $57 to produce (Are you shocked?). Now it’s one thing to love them, but if you own one. You have been robbed blind. Armani’s bags were similarly marked up, costing about $99 to make but sold for $1,900. These figures have raised questions about the true value of these luxury items. And if it is worth buying them in the first place.

dior bags

However, there was a lot worse going on. It uncovered troubling conditions for workers. Reports indicated that workers endured long hours in unsafe environments. Some even had to sleep at the worksite to keep up with the nonstop demand for bag production. Electricity records revealed that workers were active during nights and holidays, highlighting the extent of their grueling schedules. All so these luxury brands could save some cents on the dollar.

Italian police raided several suppliers for Dior, which is part of the LVMH group. The raids confirmed that poor working conditions were widespread. Workers were outsourced from China. Moreover, they were exploited to produce these bags. These companies prioritized profits over the well-being of their employees. Which inevitably leads to unsafe and inhumane working conditions.

The findings from the Business Insider investigation have shed light on the hidden costs behind Dior bags. The workers should be compensated with this information. While consumers pay a premium for these products, the workers who make them face disgusting conditions.

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