Many of us believe that music has the power to make us happy or sad. Music inspires us and accompanies us through all our emotions, either good or bad. If this doesn’t convince you of musical powers, then think of how star-crossed lovers always seem to run into each other at a concert and fall in love almost instantly or how a group of best friends enjoy listening to the same song? Such is the power of music that it automatically woos us and deepens our bond with one another.

Unquestionably, music sits well together with everything and anything we do and it changes the way we experience life, by helping us create memories, giving meaning to precious moments, and letting us connect with people at a much deeper level who mean the world to us. Now, imagine while spending quality time with a loved one or that special someone, wouldn’t it be exciting to somehow be able to create a playlist composed of songs that the two of you could enjoy listening together on that very special occasion?

Love is in the air today and can easily be brought into the ear of your loved ones, reaching right into their hearts, in the easiest way possible through the latest feature of Spotify called ‘Blend’. Whether you are planning to cook together or snuggle on a couch while reading your favorite book, going for a long drive or stopping over at the beach to breathe in some fresh air together, your idea of a romantic date on this Valentine’s Day can only get better by adding Blend to your plans of making your significant other feel extra special.

Offering the right kind of music to make your valentine moments magical, and providing a ready-to-use customized playlist, without the hassle of selecting songs manually, is Blend’s forte. It’s a unique social tool that allows two Spotify users to compare their playlists to see if they are compatible or not. Once the evaluation is complete, Blend provides the users with a score (a percentage to be exact) that reveals how similar their music-listening preferences are. The cherry on the top is a playlist consisting of songs that brings the two users together, giving them an opportunity to dance to not only the rhythm of their favorite songs, but also the rhythm of their heartbeats.

Now, we bet that you are eager to test the compatibility score with your someone special. Don’t you? Well then, to find your perfect match on this Valentine’s Day, all you need to do is to quickly open the Spotify app, tap on “Create Blend” in the “Made For You” hub on your mobile, then tap “invite” to select a friend to join your Blend via messaging, and once the invitee accepts it, the magic will begin.

Spotify will create a custom cover art and a tracklist for the two of you filled with songs that are a perfect combination of your music tastes and preferences. Lastly, here’s the fun part; you can not only listen to the combined playlist but also share it on social media showing your compatibility rate with your friends and ‘special friends” to the whole world. Happy Blend-ing!