The quality of nutritional intake is critical for healthy growth and vitality of every human. As the debate on the need for a stronger immune system gains importance, experts stress more on the benefits of fresh-food enriched with vitamins and minerals. However, due to a long supply-chain of foods, from farm to market, special measures must be taken during food-processing, storage and transportation, to prevent wastage, nutritional-loss, bacteria-growth and pollution. 

Once it reaches the consumers’ household, food is kept in conventional refrigerators, due to busy lifestyles of the families. So, the vegetables, meat, dairy, fruits and other edibles that we eat have often lost its nourishment value. Hence, additional costs are incurred due to wastage of food, which is produced after long efforts by the farmers and the food-industry.  

Pakistan plays an important role in enabling food-security, internationally – so the nation must strive more for Food-Preservation, because if the current practices and scale of wastage prevails, it may increase the possibility of major food-shortages. Thus, more awareness about ‘Food-Preservation Technology’ is needed among the masses. 

Technological evolution is enabling new ways of Food-Preservation that are more effective and safer than the older methods like; chemical preservatives and additives, to extend the shelf-life of food. Therefore, Dawlance – the leading enterprise in home-appliances, is now innovating refrigerators, that keep the food healthy and safe for longer without reducing and effecting essential Vitamins and original flavors of the food.

These revolutionary refrigerators fulfill the evolving needs of the society, while featuring new technologies improve the food preservation, preserve vitamins of food and increase cooling retention of appliances. Companies in Pakistan should focus on food preservation and food nutrition as food wastage is a growing concern in Pakistan and across the globe. Furthermore, Pakistan having majority youth population should have healthy vitamins for future generations to grow and prosper.