We all have heard and even tried bizarre food combinations that sound really gross but taste amazeballs. It’s very common for food lovers to use their imagination and try some new combos in the kitchen, attempting to get a delicious final result.

We have seen people who love to eat their biryani with ketchup, dip roti in soup and even spread peanut butter on their burgers!

But yesterday, Pakistan had a severe meltdown when they discovered a local eatery offering french fries topped with chocolate! 

Yeap, One Potato Two Potato had a wild idea to offer this promotion and apparently thought people will adore the idea!

Sadly, the wacky move backfired pretty badly and there was an immediate uproar!

For the nation’s foodies, this Chocolate week by OPTP was utter blasphemy.

Well, this was bound to happen! 

Fries freaks got super touchy and their feeling was really hurt!

Twitterverse attacked the eatery left, right and center!

People found something else to discuss other than the biryani with aloo or without aloo debate!

Finally, an ice cream eatery took notice of this serious matter & took a savage dig at OPTP.

Yeap that was a pretty ferocious ‘DI-P’

However, some people are being bold enough to try the chocolate fries!

And they are even loving it!

Will you try the new chocolate fries by OPTP? Let us know in the comments below.