Power Transmission in Pakistan
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At a news conference held in Islamabad recently, Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari, the Federal Minister for Energy, spoke to the country. He provided clarity on the causes of load shedding, suggested fixes, and the way forward for a more dependable power supply with his open comments.

The State Of Loss-Making Feeders Leading To Load Shedding

Energy Minister Mr. Leghari was very serious when he talked about load shedding continuing on feeders that result in losses.These feeders, which are unable to recoup their operational expenses, severely hamper the electricity distribution system. Now let’s examine some of the crucial aspects:

Power Minister on Load shedding
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  1. High-Loss feeders bear a disproportionate amount of the 4,232 megawatt shortage that Pakistan is facing. According to reports, about 159 feeders in Punjab are losing money, while as it stands, 350 feeders are the culprit in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. But these are just rookie numbers and pale in comparison to Sindh, where a whopping 700 feeders are being blamed!
  2. Aging infrastructure, outdated equipment, and inadequate maintenance contribute to technical faults. These disruptions lead to unplanned outages, affecting both urban and rural areas.
  3. Power theft exacerbates the problem. Unauthorized connections, meter manipulation, and defaulters’ nonpayment strain the system.

Revamping The System To Fix Load Shedding

The people was reassured by Minister Leghari that measures are being made to end load shedding. This is what’s happening:

Repair for load shedding ongoing
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  1. Competent Staff: Power distribution firms’ management will undergo a redesign. Capable experts will assume responsibility, guaranteeing effective functioning and improved decision-making.
  2. Overhauling: There is a progressive change occurring within the system. Among the things that fall under this phase are smart grid technology implementation, component replacement, and infrastructure upgrades.
  3. Program Roshan Pakistan: Minister Leghari has also emphasized on this program which aims to resolve the energy situation. The improvement of generation, transmission, and distribution is the main goal of this extensive project.

It has become apparent a diversified strategy is needed to handle Pakistan’s load shedding issue. The forthright admission by Minister Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari of the difficulties caused by loss-making feeders, malfunctions, and energy theft is a positive move. Together, let’s strive for a more promising and uninterrupted future in which load shedding is a thing of the past.

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