Pakistanis and their love for food has no bounds. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea time, we’ve got a special dish for each meal. However, the substandard quality of food in the country has everyone on the lookout for any red flags related to food items, be it in a restaurant, a supermarket or the nearby grocer.

The growing substandard food in the country has led to various eateries and superstores getting raided for the unhygienic items available. In Punjab, the Punjab Food Authority has taken control over the province’s food safety and regulations.

However, this time around it is a superstore in Karachi that has landed itself in trouble. The huge chain, Imtiaz Superstore is in hot water after a buyer posted a video on Facebook which shows a ‘Fried Lizard’ inside a ‘Nimco’ packet that was bought at the store.

The person who uploaded the video has made sure to add proof to the story including receipts of the nimco packets bought from Imtiaz.

It is a shock to see such poor quality coming from Imtiaz as it is one of the most visited stores in Karachi, where masses come to shop for their monthly ration! The public is devastated by this news as not only is this utterly disgusting but highly unsafe for human consumption.

Watch the video of the Nimco containing a ‘Fried Lizard’ here:

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