little big town

Earlier this summer, Packages Mall announced the return of its flagship activity for kids, Little Big Town, a place where kids not only have fun but also learn important lessons that help in developing their social, moral and ethical responsibilities.

Parents, finally had the opportunity to shop with ease, while their kids were busy exploring the many wonders and mysteries of Little Big Town.

This year’s Little Big Town boasted all the activities from the previous year and brought in some new ones for children to enjoy.

The unique ‘Fun, Learn, Earn’ experience was further enhanced as kids got the chance to step into the shoes of adults by role-playing different professions such as; a doctor, a grocer, a magician, an artist and many more.

The entire activity was designed to help them develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility, preparing them for the future.

Inside the town, kids were made to experience a virtual life, where on entering they were given a sum of money which they could spend, save or multiply by performing various jobs being offered at Little Big Town.

little big town

Their cognitive skills were tested and trained as they calculated the possibilities of using the money given to them, while also evaluating the kind of results their decision making would bring.

After earning their hard-earned money, the children had the option to spend it on either leisure or household activities.

They could either play golf, go dancing, or even get their nails done. While a supermarket provided them with practical household goods to spend their money on. This gave them a sense of what it is like to achieve sustainability with limited resources while trying to achieve maximum results.

Once again, Little Big Town was hugely successful and was loved by children and parents alike. It will be exciting to see what new ideas Packages Mall plans to bring forward for the next edition of Little Big Town.