LHC Lifts Ban on Indian Dramas and Pakistanis are Unhappy!


After years of watching Parvati’ and ‘Tulsi’ marrying the same person repeatedly after every few years, the ordeal came to an end when the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority put a ban on the broadcasting of all Indian drama in Pakistan after the Uri attacks on Oct 19, 2016.

However, The Lahore High Court (LHC) has now lifted this ban declaring it null and void as the Federal government had no objections to the Indian content being shown in the country.

A petition to overturn PEMRA’s decision was held by M/s Leo Communications which is the parent company for Filmazia. They claimed that the government was indulging in “selective patriotism” due to Bollywood films allowed in cinemas but not on television.

According to Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah,

“The world has become a global village!”

Shah also added that any objectionable content will be censored but there is no need for a complete ban.

Pakistanis reacted to this news and needless to say, people were not happy to hear this!

Some had a valid point. Pakistani dramas are not aired in India so why did the LHC lift the ban is what people want to know.

Read the complete details of the ban lifted by the LHC!


Looks like, we’ll all be back to watching age old tales of ‘saas-bahu’ conflicts on our television screens now.

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