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The world of LEGO just got a whole lot faster and more exciting with the debut of the Ferrari Monza SP1 LEGO at LEGOLAND Billund in Denmark. This incredible exhibit combines the passion of supercar enthusiasts with the creativity of LEGO fans; resulting in a truly unique and thrilling experience.

The LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1 is a full-size recreation of the iconic supercar, constructed entirely out of LEGO bricks. A staggering 383,610 bricks were used to bring this masterpiece to life, capturing every detail of the original car’s stunning visual elements. From the sleek body design to the intricate dashboard, no aspect was overlooked in this meticulous creation.

Creativity at its peak

Visitors to LEGOLAND Denmark have the opportunity to unleash their inner car designer by assembling their own LEGO Ferrari cars and models. Once their masterpiece is complete, they can have it digitally scanned on-site and take it for a spin in a specially designed racing game. The game replicates Ferrari’s famous Fiorano track, allowing participants to experience the thrill of racing their very own LEGO Ferrari.

a full size ferrari monza SP1 recreated using 380,000+ LEGO bricks in world first
Source: Designbroom

The collaboration between LEGO and Ferrari is a match made in heaven, combining the world-renowned luxury and excellence of Ferrari with the limitless creative possibilities of LEGO. Christian Woller, CEO of LEGOLAND Billund, expressed his excitement about this unique partnership, stating, “Ferrari is a world-known brand, setting the standard for luxury and excellence within the automotive world, and we are looking forward to presenting a brand-new type of interactive attraction in collaboration with Ferrari.”

Driving a Lego Ferrari?

But the LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1 is just the beginning of the adventures that LEGOLAND has in store. Alongside the exhibit, visitors can enjoy physical test tracks adorned with loops and ramps, providing the perfect playground for young racing enthusiasts. Even the smallest attendees can get in on the action with LEGO DUPLO, allowing them to build their own dream vehicles.

More to come

Full-Scale Lego Ferrari Monza SP1 Debuts In Denmark

And the excitement doesn’t stop in Denmark. In the summer of 2023, Ferrari will be racing into the Royal Borough of Windsor in the UK, bringing the LEGO Ferrari experience to the British LEGOLAND site. Helen Bull, Divisional Director of LEGOLAND Windsor, expressed her enthusiasm about this partnership, saying, “Welcoming Ferrari to the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort is a big moment for us – I’m looking forward to testing the drive and creativity of all our guests at the new Ferrari Build and Race attraction this Summer!”

The LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1 is a testament to the endless possibilities of LEGO bricks and the power of collaboration between two iconic brands. It captures the essence of Ferrari’s legendary supercar while igniting the imagination and creativity of LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. So whether you’re a supercar fan, a LEGO enthusiast, or simply someone looking for an unforgettable experience, the LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1 exhibit at LEGOLAND Denmark is a must-visit destination.

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