haier tv

Haier has redefined the visual experience for the users with its range of feature-rich series. To provide the best option to its customers for enjoying the Ultra HD content, Haier has recently introduced two new series; K6600 and D2 Series, which are packed with great features that take you to a whole new level of entertainment.

K6600 Series comes with Google certifications that give you the real experience of Haier Android LED. Haier LED is the LED to get! The full-Screen design adds aesthetic to the appearance of the LED, giving it a neat and elegant look to extend the visual range for an incredible experience.

The graphics provide just the exact amount of vibrance, sharpness, and contrast to make for a truly fantastic picture quality so you can enjoy your shows and movies without any compromise, as Haier LED features the latest 4K HDR technology. It also supports UHD playback, streaming, HDMI, and USB sources.

haier real android TV

With smart AI Technology, get unparalleled control over how you want to interact with the LED. The built-in Bluetooth functionality lets you take control of your screen from your phone, without having to point a remote to access the functions like switching the channel, turning on the volume, etc.

Haier LED is powered by Artificial Intelligence, as it comes with a built-in Google Assistant that allows you to get score updates of your live cricket match or search up your favorite tv show just by voice command. This is not it! You can also control your LED by downloading the Haier remote app named “Android TV.” Another android feature comes with Chromecast that helps you share your data or laptop screen without any external wire.

The D2 Series comes with an even more convenient feature; MiraCast, which turns your smartphone into a TV screen without having to connect it with wires or WIFI. With Miracast, you can instantly display the photos or videos that you have on your mobile phone onto your TV. Haier LED TVs to allow you to turn your phone into a controller so that you can play your favorite games on a bigger screen with a booming sound quality with 24W Speakers, for a completely immersive experience.

The new Haier Smart LED TV is the perfect choice for your smart home, an intelligent all-rounder TV to take your entertainment to another great level.