We live in a mobile age and every mobile has an inbuilt weather app. Do you ever wonder why? Nowadays it is impossible to leave your home without checking the weather outside.

The harsh reality of weather conditions is quite evident Climate change has enhanced the weather extremities and we see the atmospheric pollution levels rising every passing year.

According to the NASA, “The planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (0.9 degrees Celsius) since the late 19th century, a change driven largely by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere.”

So pollution is directly affecting the weather conditions. There are people who don’t know the severity of pollution in Pakistan. According to Pakistan Air Quality Index (AQI), this is the chart of major Pakistani Cities for 5th March 2019.

Haier PR

The outdoor weather dictates our day, mood and health. Studies have shown that Weather has a deep effect on human health and well-being.

It has been verified that weather is associated with changes in birth rates, and mortality rates, with outbreaks of pneumonia, influenza, and bronchitis, and is related to other sickness linked to pollen and high pollution levels. Breaking the entire conversation down into two major points:

  1. Outdoor weather and air condition is not under our control, only indoor weather of our homes can be regulated
  2. We need an Air Conditioner that not only fights the weather problems i.e. heat, humidity, cold but also clean air from the outdoor pollution i.e. dust, smog and smoke

So, the next big thing is to find a solution to the problems of pollution and weather extremes, because both these problems are major and equally important. The consumer need is what should be addressed. The need for an air purifier combined with an air conditioner which also saves energy by being a dc inverter is what the consumer is looking for in their indoor environment.

Haier as the market leader and a brand that has always cared about the consumers need is all set to introduce one all-round Air Conditioner. The Air Conditioner being launched in the near future is going to be one of its kind all-in-one solution to all your outdoor problems.

It will not only clean the air from all the pollutants with its advanced IFD Filter, but it will also give you the solution for all the weather and atmospheric extremes like heat, cold and humidity. So that, your home actually becomes the heaven you want it to be!