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The Pakistani television industry is a fast and growing industry. Every day, many young girls leave their houses and enter the industry as new aspiring actresses with huge dreams. However, they do not have enough experience and are still very naive regarding how things go in the industry. At times like this, such girls need all the guidance and advice they can get. This is where experienced and successful actresses come in. Recently, Ayesha Omar and Sanam Jung were invited to the Shoaib Akhtar show on Urduflix. First, have a look at the video.

When talking to Sanam Jung, Shoaib Akhtar praises women for all the hardships they go through such as bringing up children, handling work, etc. He then talks to Ayesha Omar. He starts by saying how accomplished and successful Ayesha is as an actress. He reminds her of the time when she graduated and the first time she entered the acting world. Shoaib then asks what advice she would give younger girls that are just starting off their acting careers.

Ayesha Omar starts by talking about the living arrangements for young girls in Pakistan. She has a very “it is what it is” approach when talking about the safety and security of women in the nation. She recommends girls who have just stepped out of their comfort zones and houses live in apartment complexes rather than houses and bungalows. She believes that this way young girls will be much safer and they might even feel more comfortable.

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Sanam Jung also adds her piece of advice to the conversation. She advised new young actresses to “not tell anything to anyone”. She started by saying that she is well aware that everyone has their own personal problems be they financial or domestic. But it is not at all necessary to disclose them to people on set or at work, she continued. Ayesha Omar added to this by warning that “such information can be used against you and can even be used to exploit or take advantage of you”.

Continuing with the same point, Ayesha strongly advises all young actresses to take care of themselves on their own. “Take care of your body, what you eat, and how you carry yourself since no one else is going to do it for you and you shouldn’t expect them to either.” She even gave an example stating that “if there are 20 people on set, you can keep asking them to do something for you. You might go crazy but they still won’t do that one thing you repeatedly ask them to do”. So it is better to not have such expectations and to learn to take care of yourself in all aspects.

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