Ever heard the phrase imitation is the best form of flattery? Seems like there are some Pakistani brands that are too impressed with advertising campaigns and commercials from across the border.

There has recently been a buzz about a TVC by popular Laziza Foods on their Laziza Kheer Mix that has been discovered to be totally inspired by a commercial for an Indian cooking oil brand, Lotus Oil, that was released back in 2012.

The two ads are extremely similar and it is definitely a ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ job. The characters, storyboard, dialogues and everything else are exactly the same. What is more, the characters in both commercials have acted in the same manner as well. One could actually say that this ad was a work of plagiarism.

The Opening shot of Both Ads.

Above – Laziza, Below – Lotus Oil (India)

Laziza foods are one of those companies that do not advertise heavily as this ad came up after the longest time from the brand. It is sad to see the brand going ahead with such a level of plagiarism.

Can you spot the difference?

Notice the jewelry and color of clothes to be the exact same too!

The compilation of both ads by a page on Facebook has gone viral on the internet! Watch  the video below:

Here’s what marketing enthusiasts on the facebook group Khalid Alvi Marketing Next have to say about it:

However, this comment has won the internet for the day! We really think the agency deserves an award for such pulling off such detailed plagiarism. 

Looks like we weren’t the only ones who noticed every shot was the same!

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