Lays Wavy’s latest flavor is so hot that it is setting billboards across Lahore on fire – quite literally. With its latest out-of-home campaign, Lays is definitely giving its competitors a run for their money. In this era of hyper-commercialization, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out from the rest.

Brands and agencies are more focused on pushing forward their own profit-driven motives, instead of taking into consideration what consumers would want to see. Amidst this marketing chaos, Lays partnered with Blaze and adopted an innovative approach, which provided the audience an immersive “Flaming Hot” experience.

The campaign was definitely a refreshing sight for sore eyes for people stuck in Lahore’s dreaded traffic jams. The faux flames contributed to this truly engaging visual experience.
You can also experience this 360-degree visual treat on Cavalry Bridge and DHA Ghora Chowk, where the advertisement overload makes it almost impossible for the passerby to concentrate on one and the brand to stand out.

This particular billboard has managed to effectively solve this problem. It is definitely a win-win situation for the Lays, Blaze and the audience.