Lassi memes
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When it’s the first day of Ramadan, and you are fasting, instead of thinking about food or drinks, you are supposed to be thinking of doing good. But let’s be honest, when you are preparing sehri, you want to overload yourself with food so you won’t be hungry through the day. But what is it in sehri that a majority population takes? This question is answered when you come across lassi memes trending on Twitter.

Lassi – the ultimate sehri drink

Lassi, in fact, is not even a drink; it is a lifestyle. And it is only a minority that does not like or drink it (a minority I personally fail to understand).

Anyway, once you pinch the lassi fans and the debate on it starts, it is impossible to regulate it. So harsh words were used.

In the end, it is the lassi memes that you want to look at which win you over. But they are no fun if they do not involve chai, are they? Because throughout the year, chai remains your best friend. However, as soon as it’s sehri time, you don’t want something to wake you up; you need something to put you to deep sleep to shorten the time span for the Roza to a somewhat degree.

And it’s not entirely unimaginable that people would fight over lassi because, as a lassi lover, I can attest to it. No matter how close you are to me, if you take my lassi, there will be hell to pay.

A meme starts trending, and it does not have Baburao featured is just not possible. What’s even more interesting is that it is proof that one can hear pictures.

“Bilkul ricks nahi lene ka.”

When a meme describes how lassi sends you in a zone.

With so many renditions of lassi in the market, it is just not possible for you to not like at least one of them. I mean, aside from namkeen and meethi lassi, there is also mango lassi and pakola lassi.

But the meme that stings is the one that is true. You want to overload yourself with lassi when your kidneys can’t take it, and you have to go to the loo after every 30 seconds.

Even after that, lassi will always be the ultimate drink for when it’s time for sehri.

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