Lahore Police Arrested Employees For Not Giving Them Free Burgers
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A Lahore-based eatery issued a statement over the weekend about the injustice of police with the employees. Further, the restaurant officials released a statement. The quarrel was about not fulfilling the high profile individuals’ request to have free food from the food joint.

Workers Arrested 

More than fifteen of the crew members from the kitchen were taken into custody after they refused to hand out free burgers to the officers. The workers held overnight at the station; however, after the constant struggle of the CEO and head of the restaurant operation, the employed one was released later in the morning.

The Plea To Stand Up

In a statement issued by the restaurant, the restaurant asked the individuals to stand up and raise their voices against the issue.

“We’re not ones to stop. Also, we’re not ones to give up. And we will fight. We will fight against the unjust systems. We will fight against the tyrants, against the status quo, against people who misuse their power and influence against innocent people.”

“And we ask you to stand with us, to support us. To raise your voice and help us take on this fight. A fight to make this horrible place better, a fight to make things right, a fight to change this society’s toxic culture and the ones that control it. We, as common people, ask you to help us in our cause. Today and till the day we succeed. Do your part.”

Police Officers Suspended 

The restaurant officials issues a statement regarding the notice taken by the officials.

After the news took social media by storm. As a result, nine police officers involved were suspended yesterday. Senior provincial police official Inam Ghani said on Twitter.

According to him, “No one is allowed to take the law into his own hands.”

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