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Ramadan is a month we wait for all year round but it ends in a snap. For one, it brings spectacular content from our known brands that keep us glued to digital shows. One such season that is coming back with a bang is Kurkure Jhatpat Jugaar season 2 in Ramadan and it’s about to get karakaydaar. 

Kurkure As An All-Rounder

A packet of Kurkure is all you need sometimes to fix your day. However, the chatpata packets with multiple flavors are more than just comfort food. In Ramadan, after a long day of fasting, we look forwards to spice, chatpata flavor and most importantly, crunch. Kurkure has it all.

You can use Kurkure as a karakaydaar topping on top of chaats to amp up the spice or you can use it to coat food to give a hint of flavor and crunch. Our favorite is Kurkure Toofani Mirchi because nothing can beat the heat it brings to any food you pair it with. These combos and this spirit of creating the best food is coming to Kurkure Jhatpat Jugaar season 2.

Kurkure Jhatpat Jugaar

The season that won people’s hearts last time is back again in Ramadan to keep us entertained from long fasts. The season will feature our favorite celebrities who will face each other in cooking challenges. The best part? Incredible new, delicious, and dhamakaydaar recipes will also be unveiled for everyone to use.

The show will be hosted by Tabish Hashmi whose fan following has already made the teaser a roaring success. Have a look at the teaser:

Who Is Coming And What Will They Do?

The first episode is already out featuring Danyal Zafar and Ushna Shah. Watch the comedic antics of Tabish Hashmi, Danyal Zafar and Ushna Shah as they race against time to make their jhatpat jugaar recipes.

Have a look at episode1!

Stay tuned because the fun is only getting started. Catch the show every Saturday on Kurkure’s Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.


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