Kubra Khan, in her recent interview, opened about her struggles of being an actor while practicing her faith. The starlet shared her experience while performing an Umrah and how she was shocked after hearing remarks about her Umrah from her fellow actress.

While discussing her spiritual journey, Kubra joted that she has performed Umrah once and have sat through Itikaf thrice now.

“I didn’t even mention or posted about going to Umrah. I went to Madina and a fan took a picture with me and tagged me on it. Later it went viral but I didn’t want to tell anyone that I went for an Umrah because it was my personal journey.” She told the interviewer while talking about her Umrah journey.

While discussing her itikaf journey Kubra Khan noted how the experience was crazy and as soon as she walked out every one noticed her appearance.

Take a detailed look into Kubra Khan’s interview below.

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“The first time was crazy. I was shocked. I actually walked out and I remember clearly everyone was like, ‘you are glowing’. I was like really but then I went you are joking right.” She mentioned.

She also later discussed how a person from the industry degraded her by calling her out for going to perform Umrah. According to Kubra she said “look at the kind of people now going for Umrah” in a derogatory manner.

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