Mac n Cheese
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One thing I know from watching all those American and Canadian dramas is that they love their Mac n Cheese. They can have it as breakfast, they can have it as a ‘get over your boyfriend’ snack, or they can have it for dinner. So it’s safe to assume that they would already be in love with Kraft’s Mac n Cheese as well. But that doesn’t limit the brand from trying new stuff.

Valentine flavor Mac n Cheese

And hence, this time, with Valentines Day right around the corner, they have decided to go all pink to portray the love in the air. To further emphasize it, the dish will be candy flavored. What’s more is that it is a limited supply product, so it will be a race, getting your hands on one from only a thousand.

What would the product look like?

It’s not so different. The package will have a standard Mac n Cheese. But it will be accompanied by the packet of the pink candy-flavor powder.

As you can expect, with only 1000 products, the company cannot accommodate its entire audience. So to get this product, people have to be part of a Sweepstakes. The process for it entails applying through the website

For Canadians, the website is The deadlines are different as well; for the US, the deadline is February 8th; meanwhile, for Canada, it starts from Feb. 1 – Feb. 14. However, Canadians can still get it by “sweet-talking the brand on social media with one-liners and love poems.

Brian Neumann, senior brand manager, Brand Build & Innovation, Kraft Heinz, in a statement said:

“As the world’s most iconic mac & cheese brands, we are always looking for ways to insert ourselves into relevant conversations. By combining the color and flavor of Valentine’s day with our one of a kind iconic cheesy taste, we’ve created what might be the cheesiest Valentine’s meal ever, both literally and figuratively.”

Reactions on Twitter 

It’s evident that people were going to comment on them, and so they did. Apparently, some were just plainly in love with this innovative idea. They couldn’t wait to try this sweet And pink Mac n Cheese.

Some, on the other hand, wanted to know about its taste. And Kraft was pretty responsive on that.

But some couldn’t sit well with it. They thought it looked like raw beef.

Well, now that you say it…

Others outright rejected it.



And it is understandable. Sometimes, the mixture of the two things we love can totally gross us out. But it’s always good to give the benefit of the doubt.

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