KP Government Toilet Finder
Credit: Parhlo

The latest news from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the launch of a new toilet finder app for the locals that will help the citizen to find public toilets.

The app will also allow the users to rate the toilets according to the cleanliness and maintenance.

KP government is the most advance governing body incorporating technology for facilitating the citizens.

Earlier this year the government also introduce an app for booming tourism in the region with the name of KPTourism.

This toilet app will be launched on November 19th, province-wide. It will provide information about the nearest toilet such as the condition, distance and even parking space around it. Initially, only 200 public toilets will be listed in the app but later on, the inclusion will be massive.

The name of the app will be Toilet Finder and it will be available on iOS and Android both. These little advancements in our system will definitely be a stepping stone in the development. As per the World Index, Pakistan is on 105th spot in the most innovative countries and we need to improve this.

After such innovations on the local level, we can always grow on the international level. Pakistanis have a lot of talent and potential they only need the right platform. Other provincial governments should take notes from the KP government and start launching apps for citizens’ facilitation especially the Sindh government.

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