UN Peacekeeping mission
Image Source: Tribune

Pakistan’s female police officer, ASI Saima Sharif from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, selected to go on a UN Peacekeeping mission.

The pandemic issued worldwide panic and lockdowns in many countries. While lockdown would lead to containment of the virus, there were other issues that our forces would have to take care of. They had to get much more active in trying to solve problems such as domestic violence cases.

KP Police officer Saima Sharif

And here we saw police officers excelling in their tasks. One such example is Sub-inspector (ASI) Saima Sharif, who ensured that neither COVID nor the resulting crimes messed up with the lives of the citizens.

“People’s worry about unemployment and thinning finances started feeding people to their vices. Domestic abuse cases were seen to be skyrocketing the most. In just one month of lockdown, over 17 domestic violence cases were reported in my precinct,” ASI in talks with a local news publication.

Image Source: Tribune

ASI Saima’s services during the lockdown

The sub-inspector from Peshawar responded to the prime minister’s call when the coronavirus task force was being formed. She was posted at a high-risk quarantine center. And her responsibilities included providing medicine, security, food, and other essentials to the center.

Meanwhile, criminals were making use of this time to continue their crimes when the police force served in quarantine centers. The streets were infested with crime.

In an interview with a local publication, ASI Saima said:

“Lawlessness was gaining momentum, and I was told by my station to immediately respond to a campaign to root out crime and arrest wanted criminals. The first call I got was a report of a murder case in the small village of Jala Bela. We headed there right away, raided the hideout, and arrested the accused. Everyone had to know we weren’t letting any crime go unseen, no matter how occupied the force was.”

Image Source: Samaa

Post-Lockdown and UN Peacekeeping Mission

When the lockdown was lifted, the challenges didn’t end. Instead, they changed face. She said that just in the month of September, there were two robberies of over PKR 40 Million only in Peshawar. There were 19 motorcycle theft cases, 11 mobile snatchings, and three target violence cases.

Her efforts were recognized, and she was selected to represent Pakistan in the UN. Before Saima, Gul Nisa from KP Police was also chosen for UN peacekeeping in March 2020. And back in February, Pakistan’s female soldiers received a UN medal for their services in Congo.

Pakistan has been an active participant in UN peacekeeping mission since 1960.

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