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Famously known for their slogan, “Have a break, have a KitKat,” the brand has used their slogan in yet another OOH campaign. In this campaign, you can see a red banner that has the slogan printed on it. However, in place of break, it has an empty space where they have tied a hammock.

Recent KitKat Campaign

Equating lying on the hammock as a break, the brand reminds its target audience of its slogan. But how effective is this advertising? This is a question that we will be asking today.

While we acknowledge that this is a creative way of conveying the message, is it iconic that people in workplaces or educational institutions would be daydreaming about KitKat? Not to forget, these are covid times. Considering this message will not leave any permanent or semi-permanent imprints on the mind, it should at least serve the purpose of short-duration breaks. But is it recommended to use that hammock if someone else has used it before you? What are the chances that they sanitized it after getting off?

Other OOH campaigns

Looking at this advertising, it reminds me of the time when a soft drink conducted an OOH campaign. They place a particular vending machine on a college campus. When the tired students would come and ring up one drink, they would keep getting more and more. The smiles and laughs that the customer and the other students shared were phenomenal as they all shared the extra drinks. Isn’t that just great, having shared laughs, amid an anxious day?

It also reminds me of yet another OOH campaign involving a vending machine. Instead of money, the machine dealt in hugs. The bigger the hug, the more the chance of getting a drink. So, strangers would pool in their efforts and hug the machine together. And when the machine would give the drink, the sense of achievement on the people’s faces would be clearly evident.

Image Source: Pepsi

Coming back to KitKat, this particular campaign does no such thing. Maybe resharing it on social media would bring a smile or two but that’s about it. If it was going to serve this purpose only, maybe they should not have made it out to be OOH but rather a digital campaign.

While we decide which platform was better, “Have a break, have a KitKat,” on that very same hammock.

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