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KIA is one of the automotive brands that have made a major impact on the industry. While they were not regarded as a impressive brand before, they have made a good return. If you compare KIA vehicles that were present back then with how they are now, there is a major difference. People used to make fun of KIA cars before. However, with the revival of the new sportage a couple of years ago, the brand has taken off well.

Not only the Sportage, but KIA has also released vehicles in other areas. They have released the Picanto for the hatchback section. It is quite an impressive vehicle with a plethora of features and functionalities. Other than that, the KIA stonic is a vehicle that can be considered as a robust one. So, let us take a look at what vehicle KIA has just opened orders for!

KIA with a new car
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KIA And an All-Electric

It seems that KIA has recently opened up orders in regards to its new all-electric vehicle. Yes, the brand is coming up with an all-electric vehicle that is going to be made available to the public soon. The name of the model is EV9 and it is a full-size SUV which is electric. This means that KIA is now operating in the SUV domain, but without a combustion engine.

The EV9 is expected to travel more than 500 kilometers on a single charge and can go as high as 600 as well. That can be possible due to a larger battery bank, in the higher variant. The features in the EV9 are quite a lot and you can expect to spend weeks just trying to figure out what each button does.

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The Electrical Revolution

It has been quite a while since the electric evolution started. One can see quite a few electric vehicles being driven in Pakistan. However, there is still time before we are able to get our infrastructure up. Until then, it is possible that we will see more combustion engine vehicles than all-electric ones. Audi and MG are two of the fore-runners in this area.

However, we can expect the KIA electric vehicle to be bought by people once the orders start going out. The release of the vehicle itself is aimed for 2024 so we can expect people to start importing it in late 2024 or 2025. The only other Suv-sized vehicle by KIA can be the Carnival, which is a robust monstrous 11-seater.

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