The KHI Awards 2 took place on the eve of 11th March 2022. The idea and purpose of the event were to honor, highlight, reward and support 13 categories of causes and issues that strive and work for the betterment of the city of Karachi and the country as a whole through the vast fields of social development and change, community uplifting, educational advancement, and several other key aspects. The KHI Awards platform addresses this problem by providing an equitable and impartial avenue through which winners are awarded grants of PKR 40 million in the form of rebates on electricity bills.

The event was initiated by children from the Kiran Foundation who sang the National Anthem of Pakistan. The show was hosted by the Actor and RJ Khalid Malik who was accompanied by Sidra Iqbal. The hosts kicked off with their speech centered around KE revitalizing Karachi. A brief introduction and welcome were then pertained by welcoming The CEO of KE, Mr. Moonis Alvi, who was brought on stage to introduce to the audiences the initiatives, the ideation and the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at KE.

On the importance of CSR projects and activities, Moonis Alvi furthered the conversation on how creating a sustainable environment was necessary in KE’s various departments as a change in the structure that can lead the organization and the country forward. The CEO emphasized the core values of the Awards and the whole of KE in believing and striving for diversity while highlighting the inclusion and contribution of women in the workforce in departments such as Grid Operation and Meter Reading. The Roshni Baji Program, for which KE was awarded the S&P Global Energy Awards – the Oscar of the Energy Sector- was also briefed about alongside mentioning KE’s core belief and initiative, namely ‘Breaking the Bias,’ which aims to empower women.

The event, as a whole, spoke volumes about the beliefs and values KE has implemented within the organization and its public image. After the heartwarming speech given by the living legend Anwar Maqsood, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Sadia Dada was called upon the stage, who took the step to mention how equality is being celebrated and said, “What better month is there to celebrate equality than March” referring to Women’s Day.

The winners of the awards belonged to 13 categories which included Empowering Women, Education, Digital Accessibility and Financial Inclusion, Heritage and Culture, Public Health (Primary Sector), Public Health (Secondary and Tertiary Sector), Safety, Sports, Inclusion, Lively Hoods and Vocational Training, Social Service, Sustainability and Environment and Uplifting Communities. The complete winners’ list can be extracted from

Muhammad Azfar Ahsan, Minister of State & Chairman BOI during his address at the event said, “We must appreciate K-Electric as it honors those organizations today which are playing a critical role in bringing betterment to the city and remain committed to making it more livable and sustainable. Karachi being the economic hub of the country has tremendous potential to attract further foreign investment, improved state of the city however, remains a pre-requisite. Therefore, we need to make collective efforts to address this city’s challenges and prioritize its progress on every front.”

Towards the end of the event, Chairman of NEPRA, Tauseef Farooqi made his ending speech and said, “It is commendable to see that KE is finding innovative ways to take ownership of the communities it serves. We have to understand that creating meaningful relationships with customers and the environment is necessary to drive sustainable progress.”

KE is truly leading the way and making our city a better place.
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