khalil ur rehman pm statement
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You know that meme? ‘Name a better duo we’ll wait?’ Well, it appears we now have another iconic duo speaking for women and it’s none other than our Premier and Khalil-ul-Rehman. *Trigger warning: mention of r*pe.

Premier’s Statements

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement in a recent interview has left the majority of the country shocked, devastated, and uncomfortably angry. The other half is in agreement with him and feels at rest, “finally someone said the right thing”.

khalil ur rehman pm statement
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The statement that divided the country in two was over rape.

When the interviewer asked him if women’s clothes had any effect/relationship to the rape epidemic spreading across the country, Khan had a disappointing and uninformed answer. He stated something song the lines of when women wear few clothes, it tempts men. Those men who are not tempted to rape are robots. In a sad turn of events, PM was asked a trick question and he very severely failed the trick.

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Agrees

Khalil-Ur-Rehman and his problematic statements are like gum that sticks on your hair. Once it gets there, it just won’t seem to come off. You have to cut the hair strand entirely to dispose of it.

khalil ur rehman pm statement
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This time the misogynistic director said he completely agrees with PM. He salutes him! He must be a father and his inner fatherhood prompted him to say such things. Granted that PM’s comments were focused on raising children better, Khalil-ur-Rehman should be asked only one question. Would this still be a fatherly statement if it was revealed that the majority of women raped were fully clothed? Or would this be victim-blaming?

There’s More Where That Came From

He also begins his speech on national television very assuredly. One of the other more problematic things he said was about a corrupt nation. He said that in a corrupt nation, money is spent most on real state and “dou number aurat”.

Now, can this guy please define what an “aik number and dou number aurat” is? We would also like more information on whether there are “teen number and chaar number aurats”.

Here’s the video:

The Problem Is Clear As Day

The problem we face as a country, the reason why our sexual assault cases are so high, is clear. It is because men like Khalil-ur-Rehman are given a platform to speak on. It’s because they enjoy prominence.

It is also because we are led by men such as Imran Khan whose understanding of rape is archaic.

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