The education sector of Pakistan has forever faced obstacles in its development. This is one of the major reasons for the low literacy rate prevailing in the nation. Consequently, it has led to high rates of poverty and lower standards of living.

KFC & Zindagi Trust Prove Charity Begins at Home!

These consequences have given a rise to the number of NGOs developing in Pakistan and Zindagi Trust is one of them.

For those who are not aware, Zindagi Trust is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide education to underprivileged students who cannot afford this basic necessity. It also encourages activities like art, sports, health and training workshops. An act of kindness never fails to prosper and similarly Zindagi Trust is also achieving greatness in this regard!


As a part of the CSR project, KFC Pakistan introduced the ‘Mitao Bhook’ campaign in which they partnered with Zindagi Trust to promote education in the country.

In this initiative, KFC’s super famous ‘Chicken Bucket’ was also redesigned with a picture of the students from SMB Fatima Jinnah School in Karachi.

Earlier, KFC Pakistan promised to donate RS.50 to Zindagi Trust on every bucket sold. It was a huge success and is an example for all other organizations that humanity is always a priority. The amount collected was finally given to Zindagi Trust on the 28th of July, Friday in a ceremony at Khatoon-e-Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Shehzad Roy, owner of Zindagi Trust said:

‘Khatoon-e-Pakistan has evolved so much that people dont believe it is a Government School. This is the aim of Zindagi Trust to make government schools fit for education. And it was great that a multinational like KFC supported Zindagi trust in this initiative’

Also, present on the occasion, Raza Pirbhai, CEO KFC Pakistan:

‘It is a great moment for me that we have achieved our goal, took it forward and contributed to Zindagi Trust’

The students of Khatoon-e-Pakistan added zeal to the ceremony, by performing National Anthem on flute:


Apart from the amount collected, KFC Pakistan has been sponsoring various events with reference to Zindagi Trust like 23rd March (Pakistan Day)  and it is a perfect way to show that charity begins at home.

The eatery has not only achieved various benchmarks in the fast food industry but also has garnered a huge reputation when it comes to social responsibility. It has promoted positivity and a more concerned environment within the society. Surely, KFC believes in community building as a brand.