KFC Malaysia
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COVID has affected much, but people are embracing the new normal. In many places all over the world, businesses are welcoming back their consumers. Restaurants are opening up, albeit with social distancing measures in place. One such example is KFC Malaysia. To mark its return, the brand, with its creative partner Naga DDB Tribal Malaysia, has done something exciting and innovative.

KFC You Soon

KFC Malaysia has released an ad showcasing their closed restaurants and how the objects in it missed customers. From an empty chair to a sauce dispenser, from a barcode scanner to a brown tray, the purposes sang their feelings through this ad, which is being called ‘KFC You Soon’, the brand signal towards the playlist it has created.


86 Tracks Playlist

Coupled with the ad, the playlist signals towards how heavy even inanimate objects became at the absence of customers. In this case, the 86 track playlist acknowledges each day the KFC outlets were devoid of customers. Now that the brand is ready to welcome them back, it will do so with this tracklist instead of a regular announcement. Especially since music is considered food for the soul, this idea is aptly curated, thinking the troubling COVID time’s people have gone through.

Creative Directors Jeremy Yeoh and Suryadipura Salleh said, “Over the past few months, restaurants have generally been quiet and lonely. If the tables, chairs, trays, and sauce dispensers could speak, they would probably tell people how much they’ve been longing for their presence.”

In short, with the trilingual tracklist, KFC Malaysia, with all its staff and objects, is ready to welcome back its consumers.


Agency: Naga DDB Tribal
Chief Creative Officer: Alvin Teoh
Creative Director: Suryadipura Salleh, Jeremy Yeoh
Associate Creative Director: Rachel Hoo
Senior Copywriter: Candice Chhoa
Copywriter: Peh Xin Ying
Art Director: Bobby Lai, Sara Chong
BM Copywriter: Zhafirry Fenner Zakaria
Head of AV: Sharon de Silva
AV Producer: Lee Boon Hsin
Business Unit Head: RZ Chew
Senior Account Manager: Brian Khoo
Account Manager: Dalina Annuar
Project Manager: Victoria Lim
Production House: Reservoir World Sdn Bhd
Film Director: Quek Shio Chuan
Producers: Kaviraj Ganayson & Chow Chun Son
Cinematography: Kai Lau
Post Production: Dixon Yoong
Color Grade: Setyo Wib
Music and Audio: Raof Zamirdin

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