Adnan Zafar, popularly recognised as the ‘Pakistani Ken Doll,’ has emerged as an unexpected advocate for a crucial issue often overlooked by many women who wear burqas: regular washing.

In a society where expressing reservations about the burqa is typically taboo, Zafar boldly stepped forward to highlight this important aspect of maintaining hygiene.

In a heartfelt video posted on his Instagram account, the Pakistani-British influencer delivered a public service message to hijabi girls and women.

“Wearing a burqa is a commendable practice, but it’s as important to maintain its cleanliness by washing it,” Zafar urges in his video.

He continues, “My dearest, don’t make things difficult for everyone. wash your burqa at least once a week to keep it fresh. Consider using fabric conditioner to keep your burqa soft and pleasant. i won’t name any but soak your burqa nicely,” the TikToker did not hesitate to get candid about the right way to clean burqa.

“Remember, a burqa is made of fabric, and like any fabric, it is not sweat-proof,” he went on.

He goes on to explain, “Repeated wearing and removing without proper cleaning can accumulate unpleasant odors and make it unbearable for everyone around you. Be hygienic so that people can admire your aura and freshness.”

Here’s the video:

Zafar’s approach has garnered widespread appreciation, with many individuals commending him for addressing a subject that is often met with silence or resistance.

One person shared her experience, stating that when she attempted to advise someone on this matter, the person got upset, highlighting the need for influencers like Zafar to broach the topic.

Another commenter echoed the sentiment that Zafar’s message is a necessity in the current times and encouraged him to create more videos on hygiene-related topics.

Yet another individual expressed a desire to share Zafar’s video with her office group.

One supporter lauded Adnan Zafar and regretted that it is too risky to tag people who urgently needed to hear this crucial message.

A commenter suggested that washing the hijab every three days might be even more effective than once-a-week.

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