ken doll

Mind your own business. That’s everything Ken Doll, a major Pakistani influencer had to say about his haters. Adnan Zafar has made a name for himself on social media and in the fashion industry. All due to his bubbly and comedic personality. He encourages positivity among all his followers. Recently, after being called a name or two, Ken Doll has decided to take matters into his own hands and share his two cents.

In a recently posted video, this Dubai resident addressed a serious issue among Pakistanis. He shared that he often questioned why most of them tried to bring each other down. Something he often questions himself too.

Ken Doll and His Brutally Honest Opinions

He then explained his personal experiences. After speaking up about a certain actor who criticized women, calling them mosquitoes, Adnan was called names. On a talk show, Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar was caught calling him ‘Beghairat’.

Ken Doll opened up about the comments he has received for being offered international brand deals. Unfortunately, they weren’t anything positive. Shedding light on the struggles of maintaining influence in the vast industry.

The TikTok star mentioned that people often view others exactly the way they are themselves. He sees great potential in his country and tries his best to visit as much as possible because he’s positive himself. And work with as many Pakistani labels as well. He clapped back at his haters shortly after. Stating that if you’re a bad person, you think of others as so as well. 

A great thing Adnan was able to point out was how his life is an open book. Those who have anything to say about him, stop. YOU should know that he doesn’t have much to hide as he displays his life on social media. That too with pure honesty and good intent.

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