Keep the Whole Room Cool with the G-Smart AC Inverter


EcoStar has lately been coming up with really creative DVC (Digital Video Content) that seem really convincing to buy their G Smart Series.

The G Smart Series consists of AC inverter technology that reduces power usage and visibly decreases your electricity bill.

In this DVC they have shown that a group of friends is arguing about who gets to sit in front of the AC’s direction.

Upon entering they are surprised to see that the G Smart Series throws cool air in all directions, so they are relieved after they realize that they can sit anywhere in the room. EcoStar commits that the G Smart Series is capable of flowing air up to 50 feet in all directions.

This is one of the many features of the G Smart Series. The G Smart series is also able to run on really low power input, as low as 150V. As the air conditioner runs on low power, there is a reduction in the monthly electricity bill and gives up to 60% savings!

In a time where everything seems financially out of reach, the G Smart series by EcoStar is a very good investment as it saves your money instead of creating a huge bill at the end of the month.

Though savings are what everyone needs, another incredible feature of the G Smart Series is its temperature maintenance. The air conditioner is able to consistently maintain a certain temperature throughout the time it is turned on.

There are no fluctuations felt in the cooling of the air conditioner, thus there is no worry of changing the temperature of the air conditioner. With temperature maintenance, the air conditioner also has an air direction all over the room so that the room is uniformly cooled.

EcoStar is known for producing very versatile products. In the market, EcoStar is known to be very credible as there have been little to no complaints by the customer of the company. EcoStar takes it very seriously when it comes to making their customers happy.

So beat the heatwave and save at the same time with EcoStar’s G Smart Series! Kyun ke “Ab chalayga EcoStar”!


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