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The coronavirus pandemic has caused our country to impose a lockdown, all businesses, local bazaars, shops and restaurants have been closed down to curb the spread of the virus.

Karachi without its hustle and bustle of food streets is a scene no-one has witnessed before! During this difficult time where everyone remains indoors to stay safe and also miss out on our favourite eateries, renown restaurant Kaybees talks about some of the popular restaurants all over Karachi and their famous dishes that everyone misses during lockdown.

Kaybees Pakistan pays tribute to other popular eateries all over Karachi!

Caution: This list will definitely make you drool and reminisce the good old pre-lockdown times!

Kaybees is mentioned for its Oreo Cone and Super Soft serve ice-cream in 6 flavours, don’t we all miss this. Tooso for its delicious club sandwiches and Panwari for its Gola Ganda

Hot N Spicy rolls are a favourite for all while Student Biryani on a Friday is all that you need! Chop Chop Wok with its customised bowls is also added to the list by Kaybees.

It is great to see local eateries supporting each other during this crucial time where they are all closed down and facing terrible losses.

California/Broadway Pizzas, Burger O Clock Burgers and Big Bash’s Pizza Fries, ever ordered pizza fries as a post midnight snack? Well, weren’t those the best times.

They Chips FTW!

Ala Rahi, Clucky and Karachi Broast! Our city has it all!

Did Anyone say Nihari?

Easy Donuts, OPTP Fries and Espresso! Kaybees mentions Espresso with friends, life in quarantine has made us think of the simple things in life we took for granted such as hanging out with friends over a cup of coffee.

Kaybees ends the post with a message of hope and positivity.

Let’s hope brands keep promoting each other this way instead of belittling each other as normally seen. Kudos to Kaybees for paying tribute to Karachi’s popular eateries.

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