Ali Gul Pir
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Ali Gul Pir has released a new rap song titled ‘Karle Jo Karna Hai’ (Do whatever you want) which directly takes a dig at a famous Pakistani singer.

He also said “I’m calling this song Channo ki Maut”

While the entertainer doesn’t take anyone’s name, everyone knows who it’s directed at.

A few months back, Ali Gul Pir got himself into legal trouble when Ali Zafar issued a notice against him for ‘derogatory remarks’.

In response, Pir issued a statement regarding the situation.

“In Pakistan, some people have so much power that they try to silence you if you don’t agree with them,” he declared.

“A self-proclaimed “rockstar” didn’t like that I called him an “alleged harasser” and made a joke about him. If I got arrested for every satire piece I’ve written, I’d be a resident of Karachi Central Jail,” wrote the rapper.

“Your ego broke because of one joke,” he sings in this latest song, referring to the joke that provoked Ali Zafar to issue an FIA notice.

Through lyrics such as “Chup nahi baithunga, sab kuch mai keh dunga… kar le jo karna hai,” he clears that he cannot be stopped from raising his voice and sharing his point of view.

Shot in the streets of Lyari, the music video itself is interesting to watch featuring dance performances by Mehar Bano, Anoushay Abbasi, Bhuran Ali, Irfan Ali, and Alina Zuberi.

Social media users have been praising the rapper and also calling the song an “anti-sexual harassment anthem”.

“NEW SONG ALERT! I dedicate this song to all those who try and have tried to silence me. Watch it and share #KarleJoKarnaHai,” the rapper wrote while sharing the song.

Watch the Video Below!

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