The city of lights, Karachi is a home to millions of people and there is so much to love about the cosmopolitan town.

Our metropolis is the economic hub of Pakistan. We have the honor and privilege to be the Father of the Nation’s resting home with Quaid’s Mausoleum being an architectural wonder.

We are even proud of being the sole owners of the most scrumptious biryani in the world. Our Jauhar is bigger than Lahore itself! And of course, how can we miss the beautiful beach from the list!

But one thing K-town has been missing out on is the iconic double-decker buses on its streets, an innovative transportation that is spotted on the roads almost all over the world.

But it seems Bahria Town Authority is about to make that happen by introducing the big red beauty in Bahria Town.

These vehicles have been introduced for sightseeing in the region!

Picture courtesy: Times of Karachi

Well, that’s surely a first for Karachi. Hope to see the magnificent double deckers in other parts of the city as well.

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