Karachiites Unite To Rescue Each Other & It Is Beautiful!

Image Source: Samaa

In the past few days, Karachi has seen quite some tragedies due to the torrential rains. While some are stranded because they cannot get to their homes due to the fast-flowing water on streets, some have lost their houses to landslide or flooding. But here is where Karachiites restore our faith in humanity.

Upon seeing the fellow citizens suffer from no food and drinkable water in their flooded houses, the Karachiites are coming to their rescue. They are opening up places for shelter and providing food where possible, be it to someone confined to their offices for more than 24 hours or someone looking helpless on the street.

Not only are we acknowledging their effort but also conveying this information to anyone who needs their help.

Shelter and food at Imambargahs

There is one post circulating on the internet regarding imambargahs. Shi’i sect has opened its Imambargahs for the public regardless of sectarian associations. These posts mention various specific Imambargahs to seek shelter at.

Food for people on the streets

Moreover, another event surfaced where a group of Karachiites was stranded in front of Millennium Mall. Due to a lot of water, they could not go in any direction. By 8 pm, they were hungry and helpless. And just then, a fellow Karachiite gave them free burgers.

Image Source: Facebook/ Daniyal Jahangir

Helping the helpers

Furthermore, Karachiites also proved that if even police need help, they won’t shy away. Because it is not just the police who have to rescue us if they need us, we will be there for them. And thus, as the police van was right in the middle of the flooded street with fast-flowing water, the public at the footpath ensured the safety of the present policemen. Have a look:

Construction help

There were also instances where either the basements or the ground floors flooded with a foot deep water. It is a hazardous situation because, in the presence of electrical appliances, there was a possibility of electrocution as well. And at places, wall, fell making their houses unsafe. In these scary times, people were readily available to help out strangers for water pumping or re-construction.

A twitter user with the handle @nisshhoo shared her own experience of driving in Karachi streets. According to her, she returned home by 3 in the morning. But she was grateful for Karachiites making her feel safe and rescuing her wherever she needed. The thread she shared on Twitter indeed made one belief in humanity once again.

There are indeed many more instances where Karachiites have risen to the occasion, but helping in these torrential rains indeed deserves an applaud.

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