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Some of my favorite memories growing up is going on field trips. I remember how eager I was and used to wait for a class trip to the planetarium, local factories, and of course, the zoo.

While some enjoy the idea of taking their family to the zoo to show their kids their favorite animals and help them learn, gain knowledge, and spend good quality time, others are against the whole concept.

After all, who would want to be thrown in a manufactured home of 4 walls and have their freedom taken away? Many animal rights advocates think that places like the zoo kill these animals by taking away their natural habitat.

A video of a bear in Karachi Zoo may have just proved their point of why a zoo may be a prison and punishment for animals.

The viral clip shows a dehydrated brown bear who can be seen panting. It is also visible that the condition of the bear is not right and that it requires medical attention.

Moreover, just by looking at it surrounding our hearts go out to the fellow, we see nothing but stone and scrap. There’s no water source, no greenery, no artificial environment to help the animal feel at home, and most importantly, negligence is apparent.

Even celebrities like Ushna Shah and Armeena Khan have penned down strong emotional messages regarding the harsh treatment and unacceptable negligence that the management of Karachi Zoo is responsible for.

This is not the first time a Pakistani zoo has been called-out. There have been similar instances where animals have died from heatstroke or mysterious circumstances due to the negligence of the authorities.

Social Media Calls Out Karachi Zoo For Sheer Negligence Of Animals

Here’s what social media has to say:

On the other hand, Mohsin Shahwani & Co. has shared that the firm has filed for a constitutional petition at the high court in Karachi to have this young bear rescued from the cruel conditions at Karachi Zoo.

They have also added that those who’d like to be a part of the petition can contact them via WhatsApp on the given number.

Moreover, we would also like to point out that some social media users have shared that this image and video clips are not from Karachi Zoo.

According to them, the image has been used before by the renowned Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) to raise awareness about the conditions of animals. The lion reportedly is from Sudan.

We have not to see what the fate of the bear and its friends at the zoo will be.

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